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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Sweden 1964 Test stamp and 1967 issued stamp.

In 1964 Sweden's stamp printing office acquired a new three-colour stamp printing press , and they produced test stamps to test the new machine. These are original  Cathedral test stamps, the die of which was engraved by Slania. 

It was issued in 1967 denominated 4k50 stamp
and depicts the interior of Uppsala Cathedral.

Sweden 1974 and 1976 Use of 1964 test stamp at Stockholmia 1974 and Hafnia 76

In 1974 the engraving was used to make up promotional booklets (with no value), which were handed out during the Stockholmia 1974 show. 

Hafnia 1976 saw a multi-coloured version

Test stamps for the coloured version of the stamp.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Sweden — Spain 2003 Nobel Prize Laureates

Sweden — Spain 2003 Nobel Prize Laureates

These are the only stamps that Czeslaw Slania has engraved for Spain.  The stamps feature the Nobel Prize Laureates, Dr. Severo Ochoa (1905-1993), who in 1959 was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine together with the American physicist, Dr. Arthur Kornberg, and Dr. Santiago Ramón y Cajal (1852-1934), who was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine together with the Italian physicist, Dr. Camillo Golgi, in 1906).  These stamps show clearly Slania's extraordinary skill in portrait engraving.  

Sunday, 24 September 2017

New Zealand 1994 Mount Cook 

New Zealand 1994 Mount Cook 

1994.  Mount Cook and New Zealand symbols. 
The only stamp Czeslaw Slania has designed for New Zealand is the largest and highest value stamp issued by New Zealand.  It includes gold foil on watermarked phosphor-coated paper. Mount Cook is New Zealand's highest mountain at 3700 metres and is also called Aorangi ("The cloud piercer" in Maori).  
The design also shows the New Zealand flag, with the Union Jack in the upper left corner and the four stars of the Southern Cross to the right; flowers of the kowhai tree and the branch of a ponga tree-fern, both national symbols of New Zealand. Across the top of the stamp is a traditional design used by Maori on rafters, doors & windows.  As well as an elaborate watermark, the stamp has the New Zealand Post and their logo, printed on the face of the stamp as a security measure. These words are visible when the stamp is held obliquely to the light.

Estonia Latvia Lithuania - 1992 JOINT ISSUE WITH SWEDEN

Estonia  Latvia Lithuania  -  1992
 Joint issue between Sweden and the three Baltic Countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  Slania only engraved the stamp in the top right.

Sweden—China 1997 Joint Issue

1997 Joint Issue
The stamps feature pheasants commonly occurring in both countries.  The stamps are printed se-tenant in a pane as shown.  Another similar pane shows the bottom bird in the top, and vice versa.  This set has become tremendously popular, and is already now scarcely available in both Sweden and China.

Chinese Lady
Amherst's Pheasant

Swedish Pheasant

 Chinese Lady
Amherst's Pheasant
Swedish Pheasant

Sweden Australia joint issue 2001

Sweden Australia 
joint issue 2001

On 16th August 2001 Sweden and Australia released a joint issue, engraved by Czeslaw Slania, featuring the Swedish botanist Daniel Solander (1733-1782).  The Swedish stamps were engraved by Lars Sjööblom, and the Australian stamps by Czeslaw Slania.  There is a distinct difference between the two engravings.
Daniel Solander is better known abroad than in Sweden, and several different public squares have been named after him, particularly in Australia and New Zealand, where he is considered the Father of Pacific Botany. 
In 1914 a stately monument featuring him was inaugurated in Botany Bay in Australia. 
Solander also travelled to Iceland for professional researches, and at his death in 1782, he worked with British Museum in London.